Seminarian Programs

Seminarian Programs

MMMP at Two Years Old: A Consolation in the Church

“The poor you will always have with you...”Mt 26:11; Mk 14:7; Jn 12:8

“We must have done something good to deserve this. Whatever it is, we are forever grateful to the MMMP and Fr. Suarez for becoming answers to our prayers.” – Iling People

MMMP Community and Houses

Two years after its birth at the heart of the Church, the MMMP community proudly says, “we are missionaries of the Church, in the Church, with and for the Church.” MMMP is born as God’s initiative to reach out to His children and as His response to their plight. 

The audacity of its founder cannot but arouse its members’ passion for mission. The First General Assembly held for almost a month last summer has helped a lot in defining its identity as a community, setting its direction, clarifying areas of priority and delineating its particular gift to and place in the Mother Church. 

MMMP houses eventually gain stability and order. Common life is given direction through common schedule and particular household norms. Some of the common activities that constructively shape its houses and communities are the following: 40-hour Eucharistic Adoration, regular weekly Bible sharing and reflections on MMMP missions, regular common prayers and devotions, regular monthly recollection, days with the founder, involvement in the Healing Masses with the founder, individual spiritual direction, and to top it all is the fraternal charity of the members.  

  1. A.    MMMP Student Brothers

Responding to the demands of the times and faithful to the directives on priestly formation, the MMMP community continues to keep itself abreast by sending its members to school. Nine (9) brothers are pursuing their studies for the academic year 2013-2014. They are distributed to various educational institutions and in different levels of academic formation. Five (5) are taking up college degrees with units in Philosophy at Della Salle University, Divine Word College, Claretian School of Studies and Arellano University. Three (3) are doing their theology at St. Vincent School of Theology, Inter-Congregational Theological Institute and University of Santo Tomas. One is taking up Canon Law at the University of Santo Tomas. One is taking up formation courses at Loyola School of Theology. 

While doing their studies, the seminarians housed in Manila are involved in various ministries of the community. They are involved as choir and servers in the regular TV Masses of Fr. Fernando. On Sundays they are involved in the two-hour regular radio program run by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines dubbed as “Healing Grace with Fr. Fernando Suarez.” Likewise, they help facilitate Fr. Fernando’s Healing Masses and Healing Sessions especially in Luzon area. They are directly involved in the Healing Masses in Glorietta and Monte Maria, each gathering around fifteen thousand faithful every session from all walks of life. 

Seminarians studying at Divine Word College are involved in apostolates in Iling through catechism classes, livelihood programs, leading the communion services in the communities, feeding program in the island, and assisting the Bishop Antonio Palang, SVD, DD in his ministries. 

  1. B.     MMMP Brothers in Iling

Nine(9) brothers are on missionary immersion in Iling Island, Occidental Mindoro, where the MMMP Main House and the Santisima Trinidad chapel is located. These brothers are dynamically leading the apostolates in the island. They lead the communities in the liturgical celebrations. They conduct regular catechism classes in elementary and high school and train volunteer catechists. They take care of the distribution of the LED Solar lights to families in the island in partnership with the Watts of Love foundation. Moreover, they spearhead the implementation of the Feeding program in the island in partnership with Kiwanis Foundation.

  1. C.    MMMP in Monte Maria

Two (2) MMMP seminarians are based at the Monte Maria Healing Center in Amuyong, Alfonso Cavite. They take care of the worship services and the liturgico-pastoral programs. Likewise they facilitate the formation of the volunteers in the healing center. 

  1. D.    MMMP priests-applicants

Some already- ordained priests from various communities have expressed interest to be part of the MMMP mission. While still regularizing their status of incardination, they supply the needs of priests in the Vicariate. 

Fr. Hector Baniel is now assigned in Lubang Island.

Fr. Romeo Barcelona is saying Masses in the Cathedral and Iling Island.

Fr. Robert Cadid is saying Masses and taking care of the  Pag-asa parish in  Sablayan Occidental Mindoro

Fr. Dominic Mbah is finishing his higher studies 

MMMP Apostolates/ Initiatives

  1. A.    Media Ministry

Responding to the Holy Mother Church’s thrust to maximize all means of communication at the service of Evangelization [1], the Missionaries of Mary Mother of the Poor started its media ministry to reach out to the worldwide community.  The apostolate is always to provide opportunity for sharing of religious experience for the edification of the homebound audience and the faithful who want to deepen their commitment to the Church and most especially to provide opportunity for viewers and listeners a possible encounter with the Lord by creating an atmosphere of prayer.  

  • TV Masses. Fr. Fernando presides over Masses aired three Sundays every Month.

1. TV5 Masses are aired every 2nd and 4th Sundays of the Month. These are originally meant for homebound audience and their caregivers. However, since they are aired at 6:00am, as per observation and feedback from people, the audience has significantly expanded to include even the regular churchgoers.

2.  ABS CBN Masses are aired every 3rd Sunday of the month. As per organizers of the said Mass, they have to open the studio earlier than the regular schedule due to the number of faithful coming to celebrate the Mass. Needless to say, this is a much sought-after celebration with the faithful coming also to be prayed over by Fr. Fernando personally, after the Mass. The response of the faithful has been overwhelmingly positive. 

The MMMP seminarians are involved here as choir, acolytes and lectors. 

  • Radio Program: “Healing Grace with Fr. Fernando Suarez” is aired over Radyo Veritas, a Catholic radio run by the CBCP Media Ministry, every Sundays from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening. This consists of healing education, testimonies, reflections and interviews regarding the healing grace and healing experiences, which is also available via live streaming. 

This ministry started upon the request of the faithful even before the foundation of the new missionary community (MMMP). From time to time Fr. Fernando is flocked by faithful who want to share their experiences over the radio to give glory to God after their conversion experiences or healing experiences. 

Currently, MMMP seminarians are directly involved in the program. This consists of sharing reflections on the Sunday readings, education, praying the rosary and the healing prayer by Fr. Fernando. 

  • Print Media. MMMP Newsletter is printed and published quarterly here in the Philippines and  distributed here and abroad. This medium features mission news, healing stories, testimonies of faith, developments and directions on various apostolates. 
  • Social Media: Healing Masses and talks of Fr. Fernando are also available through YouTube uploaded materials by some friends. News and schedules are also available at 
  1. B.     Communion Services in the Island 

Some of our MMMP seminarians are already done with their theological studies. Inspired by the founders’ missionary zeal, the seminarians passionately explore the entire island and its basic ecclesial communities to rekindle in them the Christian spirit.

Part of this is the Celebration of the Word and Communion Service.

  1. 1.      Iling proper

The Iling Proper is benefiting a lot from the presence of the MMMP formation house. Since the chapel where we have our Common prayers, Liturgy of the Hours, Eucharistic Adoration, the Holy Rosary and other liturgical celebrations are conducted, is open to the public, people can always join them in the celebration. 

Every day there is a Eucharistic celebration in the main chapel. The faithful are nourished by the availability of these celebrations and sacraments. 

  1. 2.      Other 15 communities

Together with Fr. Jeff Shannon, Fr. Fernando’s Canadian first disciple, the seminarians are assiduously taking turns in visiting the chapels and small communities in the entire island. The chapels are visited at least once a month.   

  1. C.    Catechetical Program

Aside from the administration of the sacraments and liturgical celebration, MMMP seminarians are directly taking care of the catechetical formation of the people. These are done by forming the catechists and as teachers themselves. 

1.   Iling proper

In Iling Proper, seminarians are teaching the High School students on a regular basis.  This fills an enormous lacuna in their religious formation. 

The MMMP has also trained volunteer catechists to teach the Elementary pupils. Thus, catechetical formation is being taken cared with volunteer catechist teaching regularly.

2.  The other ten (10) barangays are taught by catechist trained by the MMMP seminarians

3.  Sunday catechism classes are underway to be handled by volunteer catechists

[1] Pastoral Instruction on the Means of Social Communication Communio et progressio no. 2,  cf Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Nuntiandi 45; see also Message for the 35th World Communications Day, n. 4; see also Message for the 24th and 34th World Communications Day. 

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