History of MMP

In 1996, while praying, Fr. Fernando Suarez was blessed with a vision. In the vision, Jesus was pouring out many graces and blessings upon Fr. Fernando, and, as he received His graces and blessings, he saw multitudes of poor children begging for help. He did not understand the vision then, but its image remained in his heart. It was not until the summer of 1997, that the meaning of the vision became clear to him.

During a two-week visit to the Philippines, at least ten poor children approached Fr. Fernando out of nowhere, asking for his support especially in their studies. Trusting in the Lord, he began sending money coming from his savings from giving recollections and retreats during his Christmas and summer holidays.

As time went by, the Good Lord continued to bless this ministry and it has now become a foundation, "Mary Mother of the Poor" (MMP). With the help of the brothers of the community, and friends who support and share this vision, the foundation was able to grow, flourish and establish.